Israel will change the lyrics of the song for "Eurovision"

The representatives of the song of the state of Israel (KAN) at the European song festival "Eurovision" have stated that they will change the content of the song's lyrics in order to ensure that the song participates in the festival, since the state of Israel already has faced boycotts no matter what song he chooses.

The Times of Israel has reported that KAN's decision comes after Israel's participation in the festival has been called into question after the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs the annual competition, has disqualified the song on the grounds that it is too politicized.

However, on Sunday, KAN announced that they have re-examined the issue, taking into account the position of President Isaac Herzog, who said that "especially now those who hate him want to remove him from the race and boycott him the state of Israel from every scene. Israel must be heard, hold its head high and wave its flag in every global forum, especially this year."

Some activists have tried to ban Israeli participation in Eurovision, since according to them Israel attacked Hamas, but still the EBU has repeatedly rejected these requests saying that Israel will be allowed to participate.

KAN announced on Sunday that it has contacted the lyricists of two songs that are considered to be good, "October Rain" and "Dance Forever", asking them to change the lyrics based on artistic freedom, in order to choose one of these songs and send it to the EBU to be considered as a representative song of Israel. Whichever song is chosen will be performed by Eden Golan in the competition.

Later, KAN announced that they will make a new song called "Hurricane" based on the melody of the song "October Rain", but with new lyrics, in which it is about several young women who survive a personal crisis. KAN then stated that they will need EBU's approval, but if this is also rejected then they will send the case to Appeal.

"This is a different year, and we're facing things we haven't faced in the past. For me it is important to represent my country with pride and if it happens, I will work as much as possible so that I know myself that I have done everything I could do", said Golan.

The news that KAN will be changing the lyrics in order to take part in the competition came just a day after Iceland's most watched festival there, Songvakeppnin, selected artist Hera Bjork as their representative for Eurovision, surpassing Palestinian artist Bashar Murad, who was seen as one of the most vocal people there calling for a boycott of Israel.

Israel has been the winner of "Eurovision" four times, in 1978, 1979, 1998 and most recently in 2018 with the song "Toy" by Netta Barzilais. While Iceland has never won while participating in the festival 35 years in a row.