Kristen Stewart doesn't want to watch the movies she stars in

The well-known Hollywood actress, Kristen Stewart, has said that she would rather watch a horror movie than watch the movies in which she plays herself, including the famous movie "Twilight".

She admits that one of her worst nightmares is watching a movie where she plays herself, because she would have criticism for her every move.

"It is very terrible. I always think about how I could play the role much better or differently. The thought of seeing myself on the screen fills me with terror," said the star.

The actress told WHO magazine that the movie she would like to watch on a romantic date is "The Shining".

"I like that movie, I like horror movies," she said.

Stewart recently revealed that she suffered from anxiety, which saw her spend hours in the bathroom struggling to open her fists.

The 33-year-old started having mental health problems when she started shooting the movie "Twilight", her condition worsened so much that she ended up receiving hospital treatment.

She said in an interview that she liked to be bored.

"Oh my god, I've made a whole project out of boredom: my whole life," Stewart once said.