Penelope Cruz returns to the cover of "V" magazine, interviewed by Dua Lipa

The well-known Hollywood actress, Penelope Cruz, after 13 years, has returned to the cover of the prestigious "V" magazine. She was interviewed by the music star of Albanian origin, Dua Lipa.

The news was announced by Lipa herself through a post on Instagram, through which she showed that she interviewed her friend, with whom she co-hosted the "Met Gala", the annual gala evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


In this interview, Cruz has told about the new film project, entitled "Ferrari" as well as the collaboration with the well-known Spanish director - who is also a friend of Dua - Pedro Almodovar. For Almodovar, Cruz has said that they have worked together in many films and he has helped them a lot.

Throughout the interview, Cruz has shown that she is dedicated to shedding light on the personalities she portrays in the films she plays.

"I have been able to heal a lot of trauma through the work I do. It's not that I want to use it as some kind of therapy, but it happens naturally. In a way, I feel that acting helps me a lot," said Cruz.

Then the star showed how when she was little, she listened to classical music composers such as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. He estimated that these musical works helped him a lot to prepare for the scenes he had to perform at work.

Meanwhile, Lipa asked the actress if there was a specific artist or song that helped her play the role of 'Laura' in the new movie "Ferrari".

"For 'Laura', there have been many works because of the connection it had with the opera. "Laura" is depressed because she heard the opera from the windows, and she knew that Enzo (the other character of the film) is there with another woman", explained Cruz.

The 49-year-old, who is known as the face that advertises the perfume "La nuit Tresor Le Parfum" of the well-known brand Lancome, in the new issue of the American magazine "V", appears with a sophisticated style, wearing all black.


She was photographed by the master of photography Jack Bridgland in clothes that were made by the well-known world brand, "Chanel" and styled by Gro Curtis. Her look was created by makeup artist Mary Phillips and hairstylist Pablo Iglesias.

Prepared by: Vita Abrashi-Kajtazi