One of the most popular influencers is getting a divorce

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One of the most popular influencers in the world, Chiara Ferragni, after the scandal surrounding the humanitarian action in December last year, is divorcing the rapper Fedez, Italian media reports.

The couple's recent legal problems seem to have played a significant role in the split. According to "Dagospia", the problems in their relationship started in Sanremo last year, but Chiara postponed making any decision to support her husband who had health problems.

However, when Chiara found herself in trouble, Fedez reportedly showed less understanding, blaming her partner and the legal problems she was facing for the negative effect on his business.

This led to a cycle of arguments where the tension escalated as Chiara tried to keep things under control. Eventually, Fedez allegedly fled to Miami.

Some believe that it is a PR strategy for the influencer to go back to the "old days" - that is, to restore the positive image before the scandal surrounding the sale of Christmas sweets, a part of which was supposed to go to humanitarian causes.

The Italian influencer in collaboration with the company "Balocco" had designed a holiday cake with her last name, which was sold for 9 euros. The money from the sale would be donated to the "Regina Margherita" pediatric hospital in Turin to raise funds for the treatment of children with cancer.

The company produced the sweets and donated 50 euros to the hospital, while Chiara won one million euros with the help of the humanitarian campaign. The authorities accused the company "of applying an unfair commercial practice in advertising by suggesting to consumers that with every purchase they would be contributing to a humanitarian cause, which was not the case".