P. Diddy denies allegations of assault, abuse and sexual assault

The world-famous rapper, Sean Diddy Combs, known as P.Diddy, has denied all allegations of harassment, abuse and sexual violence that were made against him during the end of last year, by a plaintiff named as Jane Doe. reports People.

In a response to the lawsuit, which was filed in court on Tuesday of this week, the music star's defense team denied allegations that he and his accomplice, Harvey Pierre, and another man who has not been identified, sexually assaulted Doen.

"Combs never participated in, witnessed, or participated in any of the unlawful conduct alleged by Plaintiff Doe," the document states.

Pierre has also filed his response to the lawsuit, which says he did not participate in any of the events Doe alleges.

Doe's lawsuit was filed in December of last year and was the fourth in a row against Combs under nearly the same allegations of sexual assault.

Combs previously denied the accusations through a post he made on the "x" social network.

"I did not do any of these things that are alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and the truth," the rapper wrote.

The response to the lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, is a response to one of the four lawsuits filed against P. Diddy by four women for sexual harassment, rape, trafficking, and drugging.
The first to sue was his ex-girlfriend of 10 years, Cassandra Ventura, known as Cassie. He reached a private settlement with her a day after she filed the lawsuit, the terms of which are private, and he has insisted that in no way means he is admitting guilt.
Cassiet's lawsuit was then followed by lawsuits by three other women who made similar allegations, which have not been withdrawn.