Perry's cause of death revealed

The death of the famous American actor Matthew Perry came as a result of an accident caused by the "effects of ketamine", medical experts in Los Angeles have confirmed after the autopsy.

Perry was best known for the role of Chandler in the famous series "Friends".

The star was found dead at his home in Los Angeles in October, while medical tests were kept away from the public.

The autopsy listed flooding, coronary artery problems as unrelated factors in the cause of death. The death was ruled an accident. Perry was taking ketamine a few weeks before his death. Ketamine therapy is a treatment approach that uses ketamine, in low doses, to manage various mental health conditions, including depression or anxiety disorders.

According to the autopsy report, the actor had a high level of ketamine in his blood and it is suspected that this caused him to lose consciousness and then ended up underwater in the jacuzzi.

The "Friends" star died on October 28. He was 54 years old.