BKT Kosova continues its commitment to inclusiveness by donating a van to support children with special needs


BKT Kosova continues its commitment to promoting inclusiveness for the entire society. This time the bank is proud that today it has donated a van to Hader NGO in Prizren.

The donated van will serve as a lifeline for children and persons with special needs, providing safe transportation to educational institutions and enabling access to essential services. Recognizing the challenges faced by these children and their families, BKT Kosova is proud to take proactive steps in improving the quality of their lives and promoting a more equal society.

This donation underlines the unwavering commitment of BKT Kosova to provide essential conditions in improving the conditions of various communities of society. By providing support to children with special needs, the bank aims to create a more inclusive environment where every individual has the opportunity to be educated without barriers.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Agon Skeja, Deputy CEO of BKT Kosova said: "We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive society where every individual, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to reach their full potential. By donating this van, we aim to alleviate some of the transportation challenges faced by children with special needs and empower them to have easier access to education and essential services."

While Mrs. Njomza Buxhovi-Ahmetaj, Head of the Individual Banking Group added: "Within Corporate Social Responsibility, BKT Kosova continues to support key projects in areas that make a difference in the lives of citizens. To date, the bank has supported many initiatives that aim to provide support in many areas. We will continue to be a pillar of communities through numerous initiatives, donations and sponsorships that aim to help improve society as a whole."

Through this initiative, BKT Kosova continues to demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility and its mission to make a positive impact on the communities it serves. The Bank remains steadfast in its commitment to drive meaningful change and build a more inclusive future for all.