...proved once again - Viva Fresh Store is Number 1 for quality in Kosovo!

The supermarket giant Viva Fresh Store has again won the Quality Medal, QUDAL - QUality meDAL, for the year 2024/2025, in the category "local retail chain" in Kosovo.
This award was won from the results of the QUDAL - QUality meDAL research, developed in Kosovo in January 2024 by the International Organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association (International Certification Association) headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

During the conducted survey, the consumers of the Republic of Kosovo answered the question; "Define the name of the INTERNAL SALES CHAIN ​​which, according to your personal experience or those closest to you, offers the highest level of quality in Kosovo" The main answer was: Viva Fresh Store
This independent research proved once again that Viva Fresh Store continues to be Number 1 for quality in Kosovo!
On this occasion, Viva Fresh Store thanks all its customers, throughout the Republic of Kosovo, for their support and loyalty for all these years. We assure you that we will continue even further, to offer you professional services and quality products, with the CHEAPEST PRICES in the market...
Viva Fresh Store
...of the Family!
...of Kosovo!

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