KPA announces the leasing of 224 buildings and attractive lands in all regions of Kosovo

The Kosovo Privatization Agency has opened the public announcement for the leasing of 224 attractive assets located in the five regions of Kosovo. This is a favorable opportunity for young entrepreneurs to operationalize their companies in assets that have been announced for rent by KPA, as very attractive assets are offered for use in all regions of Kosovo.

In the Prishtina region, 17 assets are offered for lease, mainly offices, premises, warehouses and agricultural land. In the region of Peja, 97 assets are offered for lease, of which a large number of plots and the rest premises, warehouses and offices in the municipality of Istog, Gjakova, Klina, Deçan, etc.

In the region of Prizren, over 74 properties are included, of which a large number of cadastral plots in suitable areas as well as warehouses and buildings. In the region of Gjilan, 22 properties are offered in the municipality of Kamenica, Ferizaj, Vitija, Kaçanik, etc. In the region of Mitrovica, 14 mainly local properties, buildings, land and warehouses are offered.

The public announcement is open from today (14.02.2024), while the delivery will be made on 28.02.2024 from 10:00 - 12:00 in a sealed envelope for each unit separately in the respective regional offices of KPA: Pristina, Pejë, Prizren, Gjilan and Mitrovica. Opening of offers and publication of prices takes place 15 minutes after delivery, ie starting from 12:15. Bids by fax or email will not be accepted.

The lease period is for 1 year with the possibility of extension. It is also foreseen to stop it in case of privatization. For commercial use, the monthly rent is applied, while for agricultural use, the annual (seasonal) rent is applied. Bids are made individually for each unit separately and with a sealed envelope (one envelope – one bid per unit), submitted to the respective Regional Offices, as indicated in the announcement.

In cases of leasing in values ​​over €1,000 per month, before signing the contract, the winning bidder will be required to bring the bank guarantee (not a letter of commitment from the bank) or the guarantee issued by the licensed Insurance Company. The guarantee must be equal to the value of six (6) monthly rents according to the contract.

To submit the bid, the Bid Submission Form must be used, which can be obtained from the respective Regional Offices as indicated in the announcement, or downloaded from the website: The criterion for selecting the winning bidder of the respective units will be the price of the highest bid.

Detailed information on the properties subject to the offer can be obtained from the Regional Offices, depending on which asset you are interested in.

For more information on each asset offered for lease in this announcement, click on the KPA website: where in the Announcements section you will find the lists of assets that will be released for use, specifically on the link following:,35

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