What connection did Pulaj have with the former head of the Anti-drugs in Prizren and the other investigators?

In addition to judges and prosecutors, Pulaj appears to have also had communications with police officials.

Pulaj, already accused of selling and buying drugs, according to the examinations, it turns out that he had communication with the former head of Anti-drugs in Prizren, Enver Bujari.

According to the description, in most cases the communication was by voice.

Recently, Bujari was appointed supervisor in the Department for Economic Crimes.

In addition to Bujar, Pulaj also communicated with sergeant Bashkim Luzha.

According to the description, initially on October 11, 2022, at 8 o'clock in the evening, Pulaj informs Luzha that a person has called the Police, while Luzha replies that they have called him now.

The second conversation between them takes place on January 20, 2023, in this case Luzha asks Pulajnt about the name of one of his friends.

After Pulaj tells him his name, Sergeant Luzha tells him to go to police officer Agron Hoti, who is an investigator in Prizren, and confirms with the phrase "it's okay, it's the office".

In addition to the three apostrophized policemen, the expertise also reveals a fourth policeman.
On August 2, 2023, at 8 o'clock in the evening, Pulaj speaks with the investigator Urim Kukaj, whom he informs that a person named Malsor Fanaj has lost his identity card.
Kukaj asks if he has applied and tells him that it will be done tomorrow.

Next, he tells Fanaj to go pick him up since he hasn't gone and not to intervene when they don't go pick him up.

Another communication comes with the police officer Nezir Pulajn, whom he informs about a case of threats in the village of Zhur.

When asked if investigations are underway by the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo and what is the version of the four policemen about what communications they had with Pulaj, the Regional Directorate of Prizren said that they have no information.

"Regarding your request, we inform you that the case in question has been handled by the Narcotics Trafficking Investigation Directorate. This directorate operates within the General Directorate of Police in Pristina. We do not have these data regarding the involvement of the mentioned police officers. Based on the procedures of our work, if your claims are correct, then the directorate that has investigated the case, regarding these claims, addresses the IPK with competence", says the response of the Regional Police Directorate of Prizren.

However, the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo has not confirmed the receipt of this information and the undertaking of actions.