What did Pulaj say about prosecutors Musli Gashi, Ervehe Gashi and Shpend Binaj?

On the other hand, Shkodran Pulaj also spoke directly with prosecutors. In another conversation, he appears to have communicated with the prosecutor of the General Department of Fundamentals in Prizren, Musli Gashi.

In the first conversation he speaks directly with him, while in the second case Pulaj discusses with another party about the prosecutor.

"Conversation with a person named Musli (according to the photo is Prosecutor Musli Gashi) to whom Shkodran says have you met him, he asks to come and talk".

"Talking to a person who has Arber Shoqi registered, he tells him that he has not been notified. They entered a job and you didn't notify me, the person was there where you are and sent him the conversation he had with Prosecutor Musli Gashi", the report states.

The report does not provide any other clarifications about which case the trio communicated.

The "Oath of Justice" has asked for clarification from prosecutor Gashi, who initially denied communications with Pulaj and then, when asked what communications he had with him, requested that the spokesperson of the Prosecutor's Office be contacted.

"Journalist: I am Alberta Hashani, journalist of the show "Oath for Justice".

Prosecutor Gashi: Through the spokesperson.

Journalist: I just wanted to briefly pray for the case of Shkodran Pulaj.

Prosecutor Gashi: There is no need, we are in session.

Journalist: Do you have communications with him?

Prosecutor Gashi: No.

Journalist: In what relationship do you have communications with him?

Prosecutor Gashi: No, through the spokesperson".

Pulaj's influence does not end there.

He also talks with other parties to exert influence on prosecutors Ervehe Gashi and Shpend Bina.

On August 17, 2020, he appears to have talked with a person to help him in connection with a case that prosecutor Gashi has.

From the description, it is not known whether Pulaj actually spoke with Gashi.

The questioned prosecutor denied the communications, saying that if she had tried, she would have reported it as a case.

"Journalist: I would like to know if the same person has at least tried to talk to you about any case in which you were the prosecutor of the case?"

Prosecutor Ervehe Gashi: No, no, no. I have no connection with Shkodran Pulaj.

Journalist: Did he try in any way through another party or did he directly talk to you in 2020

Prosecutor Ervehe Gashi: No, no, no.

Journalist: Do you have any information on whether the same person has at least tried to use your name, because he knows you and can do his job?

Prosecutor Ervehe Gashi: No, I knew about it, if I had such information, I knew about it in time. I have nothing to do with this work, I have nothing to do with it, but I am thinking of something that happened to me. Apart from the fact that we sometimes order coffee from the Kosova bar, nothing else.

Journalist: Thank you very much.

Prosecutor Ervehe Gashi: No, among others. Even if it surprises me, it's the first time I'm feeling it. I'm curious to see what they said and see what country it is".

While with the prosecutor Bina, according to the conversations, Pulaj also says that he influenced the termination of the detention of a person.

"+38349******- 17/06/2023-10:23:42 (UTC+0) The OSI person notes that you are in the bar, coming to talk, at 11:50, the Shkodran person notes Shpend Bina has it, informs him that someone has sent it, 90 percent cuts it off when it passes 48, the conversation continues for several days, in a message Emir Is Buzhala notes, the person Shkodran Pulaj tells him to take it and come and get him the job Well, let him also take the 600-700 euros that he has to give me before he went to work. Several times he claims that he is in communication and they will make the request for a change of measure and set the measure of appearing at the police station. On 28/07/2023, 12:49:34 (UTC+0), he informs him that he has also sent the indictment and with this he has stopped the measure", the examination report states.

But Bina didn't even want to hear what was discussed about her.

"Journalist: In a transcript that was extracted from Shkodran Pulaj's phone examinations, does he speak in one case with some third parties regarding the cases that are in the process with you?".

Lavdim Makshana from the Kosovo Institute for Justice (IKD) says that the State Prosecutor has the authority to investigate Pulaj's conversations if they constitute a criminal offense.

"According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the State Prosecutor has all the authorizations to investigate whether all these conversations took place and whether there are elements of criminal offenses and also to further investigate whether the accused Pulaj influenced all these persons or has tried to influence them in any way. Also, in those cases where there are no elements of criminal offenses, then it remains for the competent authorities to assess whether such conversations are a disciplinary violation and to initiate disciplinary procedures at the Relevant Councils in accordance with the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors", he explained. Makshana.

For this, the "Oath of Justice" has requested information from the prosecutor of the case, Ariana Shajkovci.

"Journalist: I just wanted to briefly tell you, prosecutor, if the Kosovo Police received the second part of the case that has to do with the other conversations that were taken from Shkodran's phone with other judges and prosecutors?

Prosecutor Shajkovci: Did you have the address of the office for information, please?

Journalist: Of course, I just wanted to get a confirmation from you directly if you have undertaken any investigative action so far and you are a prosecutor.

Prosecutor Shakovci: Through the information office".

Through e-mail, the Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the conversations, but without providing more details.

"It is worth noting that from the examination of electronic devices provided by telephone expertise from the Department of Forensic Techniques - the Department for Photography, Video Analysis and IT Examinations, the Unit for the Examination of Information Technology Equipment in Pristina, has also resulted in some found, where the defendant Sh.P. is suspected to have developed telephone communications with various persons, where names of law enforcement officials are also mentioned by this suspect, but taking into account the large volume and sensitivity contained in the forensic file, also despite the maximum commitment, the prosecution has not yet reached the conclusion of the said report. We estimate that in the coming days we will have concrete results of all the examinations and as soon as possible the prosecution will take actions where it has subject competence, while where competence is lacking (if it results in findings) the same will be addressed to the competent institutions", says the prosecution's response.

Regarding the possible disciplinary or criminal violations, the "Oath of Justice" has also requested an answer from the head of the Prizren Prosecutor's Office, Admir Shala, who has not taken any action so far and is awaiting the report of the prosecutor Shajkovci.

"Regarding your questions, I can inform you that I have learned that from the expertise of the suspect's phone, communications of the suspect with third parties were discovered, where during these communications names of officials were mentioned, but based on the information that I have it, it is not about the suspect's direct communication with the prosecutors or the judges, but it is about the suspect's different conversations with different people, and during those conversations the names of the prosecutors and judges were mentioned. I, as the chief prosecutor, am waiting for the final report of the prosecutor of the case regarding all the communications where the names of the officials are mentioned and after that the communications will be analyzed and in case it is estimated that there is a reasonable suspicion of elements of any criminal offense or incriminating actions , then action will be taken according to the legal provisions in force", said Admir SHALA, Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren.