Pulaj for Judge Krusha: She is mine, I have good jobs and she will do it

In addition to Sejran, Shkodran Pulaj appears to have had continuous communications and appears to be close to many other individuals within the justice system, starting with the Police, the Prosecutor's Office, the court and former local government officials.

According to the expert's report, Pulaj, in a conversation with another person, expresses his closeness to judge Teuta Krusha.

A person named Milazim talks to Pulaj on August 23, 2023 at about 16:39 p.m. asking him to help them release someone from custody.

Pulaj affirms his intercession.

The person in question informs Pulaj that the judge of the case is Teuta Krusha, to whom Pulaj approves that he has close relations.

"The judge informs him that it is Teuta Krusha, the person Shkodran Pulaj tells him that she is Jem. I have a good deal and will carry it out. According to the conversation, it is about two people. The person Shkodran Pulaj confirmed on 26.08.2022 17:44 (UTC+0) that they will be released and that he has discussed this matter. On 2.9.2022, 4:45:50 (UTC+0) the person Milazim Vermica tells him that he has 4 pieces only that he released them. On 05/09/2022 9:36:50 (UTC +0) the session was held. On the date 05.12.2023 at 16:48:58 (UTC+0) Milazimi tells him that I will send him the identity card because if he will send him 200 and the next day it is confirmed that the money has been received by the person Shkodran Pulaj", the descriptive report states. of evidence.

Here it is not known whether Pulaj actually talked with Judge Krusha to release them.

However, according to the evidence from the conversations, the receipt of money is confirmed, for which there is a basis for investigation.

"Oath of Justice" tried to talk about this with Kruša, but she did not accept the team in her office

But, in the show broadcast on December 2, Krusha, as part of the jury in the case in which Biraj and Pulaj talked about bribes to acquit the three accused, said that he has no contact with Shkodran Pulaj.

Legal researcher: Directly, you never have meetings with Shkodran?

Judge: Never forever.

Journalist: Do you know Shkodran Pulaj?

Judge: The bull has an ace, but I never win that card (unintelligible)

Journalist: Has he ever tried to meet you or talk to you?

Judge: Never.