The Prosecution informs the Court about the communications between Judge Sejrani and Pulaj

"Oath of Justice" has requested information from the prosecutor of the case, Ariana Shajkovci, on the same day on February 13, whether she has opened an investigation against Sejran and whether she has notified the president of the Basic Court in Prizren, Shpresa Emra.

Nine days later, on February 22, Shajkovci, on the grounds that the conversations between Pulaj and Judge Sejrani are not part of the Kosovo Police's information report, did not affirm their existence, nor that they were part of the evidence submitted together with the information report in the prosecutor's office.

"From the information report of the police, dated 25.10.2023, regarding the examination of the telephone, no direct communication of the defendant Sh.P with the judge Artan Sejrani was included, but with all this, as we informed you by e- email dated 06.02.2024, we are working towards the completion of the viewing of all the downloaded material as soon as possible - provided by telephone expertise from the Directorate of Criminalistics Techniques - Sector for Photography, Video Analysis and IT Examinations, The Unit for the Examination of Information Technology Equipment in Pristina and as soon as possible the Prosecutor's Office will undertake actions where there is subject competence, while where competence is lacking (if found) the same will be addressed to the competent institutions ", said Ariana Shajkovci, Prosecutor of the case.

Although other additional questions were forwarded to Shajkovci as to whether the other secured evidence that was not part of the information report proves the communications between them, the prosecutor did not answer.

On the other hand, the president of the Basic Court in Prizren, Shpresa Emra, has confirmed on February 15 that she has not received information from the State Prosecutor's Office, that there are conversations with judge Sejrani and the accused Pulaj.

Even though on October 25, 2023, the prosecutor Shajkovci had received the information report together with all the other evidence, she informed the president Emra ten days after the interest of the "Oath of Justice", that is on February 23, that there are communications between them.

As a result, the president Shpresa Emra dismissed Sejrani as a judge for the narcotics case.

"On 23.02.2024, I, as the President of the Court, received a report on the communications that came out of the investigation phase that was conducted against the defendant Shkodran Pulaj, this report submitted by the prosecutor Ariana Shajkovci. After the initial review of the report, as President of the Court, within the framework of legal powers, dated 27.02.2024, I made a decision to exclude Judge Artan Sejrani from handling this case, and this case will be delegated to another Judge for handling, referring to article 38 par. 3 of the CPC, "The judge can also be excluded from exercising the judicial function, in a specific case, ………… if circumstances are presented that question his impartiality", said Emra, president of the Basic Court in Prizren.