Biraj had 16 euros in savings at the time he said he borrowed 5 euros from Pulaj

After analyzing the statements of former prosecutor Metush Biraj on the "Oath of Justice" and the declaration of wealth, a contradiction is seen.

Biraj, when asked why Pulaj had accused him of accepting 5 euros for release from detention, said that he had not accepted this money for release from detention but had asked him for a debt in 2017.

"Journalist: One last thing, did you accept bribes for this case, given that in a video recording that we have secured where you talk to Shkodran Pulaj, you discuss that you received 5 euros for released from custody initially. Did you receive 5 thousand euros?

Ex-prosecutor Biraj: No, I don't even mention that job at all.

Journalist: And in the conversation with Shkodran, why do you admit that you took 2, 3 thousand euros from him when he says that your son got engaged.

Former prosecutor Biraj: It was in 2017 when I received and returned the debt, it is true that I received 3 thousand euros from him, but I returned it, I received it sometime in the spring of 2017 and then I returned it sometime in September-October 2017, I returned the debt, we are friends.

Journalist: Why does he mention that you took this money from him, precisely for his release from detention?

Former prosecutor Biraj: Paj, I don't know about him, he knows since he mentioned those words."

But, in the declaration of Biraj's assets, it appears that he had enough money in his accounts.

In the March 2017 declaration for 2016, he had declared more than 17 thousand euros in cash in his and his wife's bank account.

While in the declaration of March 2018 for the year 2017, when he had said that he asked for a debt, he declared cash in the amount of about 16 thousand euros.

Even in March 2019, he had declared 16 thousand euros of income.

Whereas, a multiple increase is observed in 2020, of over 55 thousand euros of money you have in his account alone.

What is noticed is that the cash did not come as a result of the sale of the property. Both in the previous year 2019 and in 2020, it continues to have the same assets.

In March 2022, his wealth has increased again to 76 thousand euros.

And in March 2023, he declared 85 thousand euros in cash, the origin of which he declared to be from the salary received as a prosecutor.

"Oath of Justice" has requested information from the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption if the former prosecutor Biraj was part of the high public officials whose wealth was verified, but they have not yet responded.