"Fran and Verka..." part of the Filmmakers' Festival in New York

This week, the director, Sovran Nrecaj, was invited to the show "Through Film". His documentary film, "Fran and Verka...", will soon participate in another prestigious festival in New York.

Among other things, Nrecaj showed details about the subject of this film, the reception that the international audience has given him, the challenges of its realization and much more.

The main characters of the movie "Fran and Verka" are the only residents of Vërnakolla - the place where they met for the first time many years ago, got married and have been living together ever since. They remember a lively village where children played in the streets and weddings lasted for a week. After the 1999 war in Kosovo, everything changed. Everyone except Fran and Verka left the village. Their story is a testament to the unbreakable ties to what we call home and the place we belong to.