Through the film with the actor Agron Shala

The well-known Kosovar actor, Agron Shala, was the next guest on the "About Film" show, where he talked about his latest film projects.

He has already shot several feature-length projects that are expected to be released during the year, and in May he returns to the shooting range for the next film by director Dritëro Mehmetaj.

"Each actor is called to be a part of films and projects. I feel good when I am active and working because this profession is not fulfilled if it is not accompanied by work. I am happy and feel fulfilled when I am part of films", declares Shala.

Among other things, the actor called for greater support for filmmakers and actors in the country, who have so far worked in challenging conditions driven by great will and enthusiasm for work.

Shala also revealed details from behind the scenes and roles in the films, "Last Exit" directed by Bekim Guri, "Personazh" by Ekrem Xani and "Hana" directed by Ujkan Hysaj, as well as recalled some of the best experiences in the projects film and television past.