The year 2024 starts successfully for the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo

Director of the Cinematographic Center of Kosovo, Blerta Zeqiri, was the next guest on the show "Through Film".

In this conversation, the past successes of Kosovar cinematography were mentioned, the auspicious beginning of 2024 for the KKK with the triumph of the film "Workers' Arms" at the Rotterdam Festival, the many film projects that are being shot and are expected to be launched this year, Kosovo's participation in the "Berlinale" and much more.

Zeqiri also disclosed details about the film "Afterwar", also financed by Kosovo, which marked the world premiere at the 74th edition of the international film festival in Berlin as part of the "Panorama" program. The film that was released on Monday is directed by the Danish Birgitte Stærmose and delves deep into the consequences of the last war in Kosovo (1998-1999), especially through the eyes of children who are now adults.

With a bold cinematic approach and close collaboration with the characters, Stærmose brings a deep and poetic account of the daily struggle for survival and the search for dignity in a war-torn country.