The two-year-old boy was bitten in the face by a stray dog ​​in the square of Pristina

A two-year-old child was attacked in the face by a stray dog ​​on Sunday in "Mother Teresa" square in Pristina.

The child's parent, who did not want to be identified, told KOHEN that due to the injuries suffered, both of the child's cheeks were stitched.

He has shown that the intervention after the attack was initially made by the blood transfusion point inside the square, which sent the child to the Main Center of Family Medicine, to be transferred to the University Clinical Center of Kosovo.

"The boy is fine, we have sewn up his face with two stitches on both cheeks, he is now receiving therapy against the infection. In the following days, I will continue with procedures to sue the municipality because it is a case that is not tolerated, in the city square we are always under stress from stray dogs. I approached the blood transfusion, they sent me to the health center in 'Qafa', there they cleaned his wounds and gave me the instructions to the CKUK, there we went to the Pediatric Surgery and the surgeon intervened very quickly and put two penj. The injuries are not serious, everything ended easily. The boy is two years old", said the parent of the injured child.

He further announced that he will pursue criminal proceedings against the Municipality of Pristina.

"I did not inform the police, I contacted some of the municipality because I wanted to sue the municipality, now I want to act with a cold mind. The municipality told me that they will undertake something, in the following days we will deal with a lawyer to carry out the administrative work", he added.

A witness at the scene was the former chairman of the Youth Forum in the Democratic League of Kosovo, Armend Ibrahimi. Through a post on Facebook, Ibrahimi has requested the mayor of the Municipality of Pristina, Përparim Rama, that the capital city be urgently cleaned of stray dogs.

"Today in the 'Mother Teresa' square, a child, accompanied by his parents, was bitten in the face by a stray dog. We were also not far away with our child. You can imagine the horror experienced by that child and his parents and all of us who were there. This is the most urgent alarm that a normal society and government must respond to urgently. Otherwise, you will turn our political project for 'Prishtina of experiences' into 'Prishtina of traumatic and tragic experiences'", he wrote on Facebook.

KOHA has tried to contact the Municipality of Pristina about the case, but until the publication of the article, it has not received any response.