Some streets in the ground, the Municipality of Pristina without a contract for public lighting

The "Martyrs of Gollaku" street in Hajvali has been without lighting for a month now. She is not the only one. Residents of some neighborhoods in Pristina suffer from the same problem. The Municipality of Pristina has explained the lack of lighting with the lack of a contract.

The Directorate of Public Services, Protection and Rescue has told TIME that every year it has planned the maintenance of public lighting for all roads in advance, but according to it, due to the procurement procedures there have been problems which have resulted in the cancellation of the tender.

The leader of the sector for public services, Habib Qorri, said that the procurement procedures that led to the cancellation of the tender for the maintenance of public lighting caused the problem. He said that after the cancellation, the tender was re-announced and the procedures continued again, but that there is still no contract. The project is currently in the stage of appeals to the Procurement Review Body.

He clarified for KOHA that the signing of a contract is expected to take place in the shortest possible time.

"Due to these delays, the municipality has developed a procedure for an emergency contract, which we expect to have signed within a short time, and with this we will return normality with public lighting. This did not happen because of the irresponsibility of the Municipality, but because of the procedures that we have no influence or legal powers to change them, therefore we are obliged to respect the decisions of the competent bodies for public procurement procedures", he said. he said.

"€150.000,00 is planned for the Maintenance of public lighting project, for 6 lots where the lighting network is extended in urban and rural areas," concluded Qorri.