The lucky man who won the lottery twice in six months

Earned 250 thousand dollars two years ago, the woman from Carolina catches another 200 thousand from the same store

A Michigan man has won the $110,000 lottery for the second time in six months.

The 59-year-old Wayne County man told Michigan Lottery officials he bought a ticket at a gas pump.

"After I won $110,000 in August, I changed my numbers," the player said. “I took my tickets to the shop to be checked and replayed. The clerk scanned the tickets and handed me one back and said, 'I think you won a lot!' I thought, 'There's no way, I can't be that lucky.' I looked up the winning numbers and sure enough I had won again! I couldn't believe it. Winning is a great blessing," he said.

The winner said he is still figuring out how to spend his $110,000 second prize.

“The first time I won I was able to pay off all my debt, now I can have fun! "I don't have any specific plans for the money yet, I plan to sit back and just watch it in my bank," he said.