The only island in the world that produces no waste and has the highest recycling rate

The Aegean Sea is home to a small island that has shown everyone that it is not only energy independent, but is the first in the world to produce no waste, writes "The Sun".

Tilos is located in the Dodecanese archipelago, in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, i.e. in Greece.

The greatest interest lies in the fact that Tilos is currently the first and only island in the world that does not produce waste. The inhabitants of Tilos have always been humanistic in mind, priority has always been given to public health, human rights and ecology.

The island has a population of just under 800 inhabitants, all living in a national park with incredible biodiversity. A few years ago, the first Greek wind and solar hybrid power plant opened, enabling them to be completely energy independent.

This gave the population the opportunity to use electric vehicles, so the next logical step was to reduce waste. Tilos currently recycles more than 80% of waste, the highest recycling rate in the world. Today there are no trash cans there, but centers for creative recycling.

The zero waste policy attracted visitors for the environment and created new economic opportunities related to the application of renewable energy sources. It also started eco-tourism and agriculture, which significantly boosted the local economy.