"James Bond, don't tell anyone," reads the mysterious message dating back to 1966

The restoration of Jersey Castle in the United States of America (USA) led to the discovery of an interesting message in a bottle, dating from 1966, inside a chimney.

Upi wrote that inside the bottle was a letter that read: 007 James Bond. February 26, 1966. SP secret agent. Do not tell anybody.


On the other side of the letter followed the writing "EA Blampied", which probably belonged to the famous American artist, Jersey Edmund Blampied, who died in August of that year.

The note was written almost two months after the release of "Thunderball", a James Bond film played by Sean Connery.

The bottle also contained pages from the 1966 Reveille weekly newspaper.

"We need your help to shed light on a mysterious note," wrote the team dealing with the restoration of the castle.