One of the smallest fish in the world makes a sound as loud as a gunshot

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One of the world's smallest fish, about the width of an adult human's fingernail, can emit a sound as loud as a gunshot, scientists say, writes The Guardian.

Danionella, a fish about 12mm found in Burmese streams, produces sounds that exceed 140 decibels, according to the study published in the journal PNAS, equivalent to an ambulance siren.

The sound production mechanism of the fish, which has the smallest known brain of any vertebrate, had been a mystery since the muscle mechanisms associated with the swim bladder did not provide a reliable explanation for the origin of sound.

Scientists at the Charite University in Berlin have discovered that the fish has a unique sound production system.

"Understanding this extraordinary adaptation expands our knowledge of animal locomotion and highlights the extraordinary diversity of propulsion mechanisms across species, contributing to our broader understanding of evolutionary biology and biomechanics," the paper says.

The team of scientists used high-speed video to investigate the mechanism of sound production.