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The "protectors of the family" have the power to draft and vote on laws. Maybe they should better think about why pedophilia is not qualified as a criminal offense in the Criminal Code of Kosovo. Or even act to stop the activity of those who "blow" and heal "diseases", such as: "hearing voices, pregnancy, black magic, family problems, engagements, marriages, problems with fate - blockade, problems with work and business and all diseases, except congenital diseases"

Last week's scandal probably left a bad impression on the "guards, protectors or saviors of the family" in the Assembly of Kosovo. In the "defense" of the MP quoted in my article, another VV MP appeared, with a status on FB, which he had titled: "Who is teaching Flaka Surroi the wrong way".

"Don't make your own money" they say to this work - that with this title MP Korenica proves his conviction, not to mention misogyny, that a woman cannot think, learn or read by herself, and that one must learn it so as to have an opinion. This patriarchal approach of a 40-year-old man. Evidence that we are far from emancipation as a society.

To clarify the subject being debated, I will mention three facts: last week's status of MP Rrahmani that "Laws like this one today can lead to father-daughter, brother-sister marriages... They will NEVER be supported!”; the exclusion of MP Korenica from the headship of the VV branch in Rahovec due to his attitude towards the Civil Code and same-sex marriages; as well as the lawsuit that five NGOs have filed in the Basic Court against the Assembly of Kosovo and MP Labinota Demi-Murtezi, because the latter, in 2022, had said in the Assembly during the debate that "LGBTIQ+ people spread diseases".

The essence of the stance against the adoption of the Civil Code and the Law on assisted reproduction should be sought here, in the denial of a reality, whether they wanted it or not, agree or disagree, it exists. And it exists, among others, in Christian, Muslim, secular or Buddhist societies. It is enough to read Umberto Eco, Orhan Pamuk or Khaled Hosseini to understand, for example, about homosexuality across centuries and different continents.

* * *

However, back to MP Korenica's doubt about my ability to understand the topic, which will lead to the clearing of the lists for the next elections and most likely to the creation of a conservative party.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) was first successfully performed in 1978 in England. It was a girl who was born in this form. The mother could not get pregnant because her fallopian tubes were blocked. Louise Brown is now 46 years old.

I don't know if IVF was practiced in Kosovo before the war. In the former Yugoslavia, yes. Mainly in Slovenia, where everyone could go, because health insurance was valid throughout the country.

After the war, many things have happened in the health of Kosovo. Not much to praise. Among the most damaging are attempts to “solve” problems with administrative instructions – a shortcut to bypassing laws, or making them ineffective. By-laws are not always the solution to problems. They are often their own creation.

Kosovo made an Administrative Instruction for IVF 11 years ago, leaving many things unclear, because it has not fixed the basic issues related to the process, which has made its implementation in the public health sector impossible.

About five years ago, the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health closed most of the private hospitals that had performed IVF, also because these institutions lacked the database of donor records; because there were people who turned the sale of their reproductive material into a business (as happened in the case of kidney transplants, with the difference that these kidneys could only sell one); or that the application of egg cells was made without the consent of the patients, or to more patients.

The case ended in court, and the Court decided that the UA had many defects, the main one being the lack of sanctions, so consequently, as a sensitive matter, it should not go without being regulated by law. But the court did not ban the UA nor did it declare it illegal. Therefore, while still in force, it allows private clinics (with all the specific deficiencies it has) to continue with IVF. As for clarification, the AI ​​that is still in force allows IVF even in cases of women who do not have a partner or who are unmarried.

Ignoring the law prolongs the life of the lack of legality in private hospitals, because there is no legal basis to sanction them if they continue to lack records or even proper administration of reproductive material.

* * *

One of the doctors who was part of the team that made the first successful IVF experiment, dr. Robert Edwards, won the Nobel Prize for medicine, three years before he died, precisely for in vitro fertilization. "They had called us whatever they thought of, immoral, unethical, inhumane", he declared many years after the birth of Louise.

45 years after the first in vitro birth, according to the International Committee for the Monitoring of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, it is estimated that around 12 million children have been born in the world. According to the "protectors of the family" box, this is the only way some 12 million incests and marriages between close family members will have taken place.

So, "protectors of the family" are those who mostly believe that a woman is emotionally unstable, because she raises a child without a husband. They are also the same ones who may find it normal for a child to grow up in a marriage where the child's father orders the murder of his mother.

And since they have the power of drafting and voting laws, maybe they should better think about why pedophilia is not qualified as a criminal offense in the Criminal Code of Kosovo. Or even act to stop the activity of those who "blow" and heal "diseases", such as: "hearing voices, pregnancy, black magic, family problems, engagements, marriages, problems with fate - blockade, problems with work and business and all diseases except congenital diseases".

So the offerer of these "services" says that he "heals all diseases unknown to medicine" and that he offers this service in Kosovo as well, unless the services are requested through the Facebook messenger. For the term, you can freely call them on Viber and WhatsApp - the call is free.

* * *

I wrote it last week and I'm writing it again. Failure to vote on this law will not stop assisted reproduction. It will continue in private clinics in Kosovo and probably outside Kosovo at a high price for those who can afford to pay.

His non-voting by the "protectors of the family" in power and opposition will only enable private clinics to continue with their profitable business.

And they will enable them to advertise on FB, with photos of doctors with the baby, and endless thanks to the parents for having a child after 10 or 15 years of trying.

You can find the prices and others in the next ad.