The temporary ones

The biggest truth that Liburn Ali has been able to say is that he is a temporary minister, in a temporary government, from which the weather had to come out. So, let's not come to the point where a large number of people of this country will offend him, who do not know any other state but Kosovo, and who would never agree with him for the longevity of their own state.

A robbery with long guns like in the movies; a macabre murder, commissioned by the husband to end his wife's life, in the presence of the children, and a statement, I don't even know how to describe it, by a minister, occupied our minds last week.

Meanwhile, to mention this week another failed session of the Assembly, is like releasing a record of 33 revolutions, where the gramophone needle does not manage to skip to the next line. A collective face-off and a serious insult to the intelligence of a people who have voted for people who hold grudges almost like they are in kindergarten.