Century Henry Kissinger, the great lectures he has left as a legacy

: Unfortunately the current political climate does not encourage the emergence of leaders like Kissinger. His book on "leadership" shows the importance of building consensus on key issues. A political leader cannot develop a vision that gives him the status of a statesman by posting on Twitter or Facebook. Rather, as Kissinger writes, leaders are born from the careful study of history. All democracies suffer from the same disease: an intellectually impoverished political class that is more obsessed with polls and social media than with a vision for their societies

On May 27, Henry Kissinger celebrated his 100th birthday. A very long life with extraordinary consequences in two very competitive worlds of diplomacy and ideas. After fleeing Nazi Germany, Kissinger arrived in the United States in 1938 as a bookish teenager with no immediate prospects in sight.

Thirty years later he would lead US foreign policy, first as National Security Advisor and then as Secretary of State for two presidents, Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford.