Gaza as accommodation of the culture of war

Gideon Levy's three reasons for punishing children, women and men in Gaza may be universal. And is evil "a real power that rules our world through temptation"?


It has been a few weeks since the attack by Hamas on October 7, an anti-Jewish pogrom in the style of Central and Eastern Europe of the early 7th century (burning, slaughtering and torturing every child, woman and man, whatever the age, just for being Jewish). that the BBC evening news (CNN of others) has turned into anxiety for me. After the footage of the hunt for every Jew on October 1973 and the number of Jewish casualties unprecedented since the XNUMX Yom Kippur war, reports began of the Israeli military's response. The answer was collective punishment of Gaza, punishment of every Palestinian child, woman and man - regardless of age - for the crime committed by the political-military movement Hamas. Collective punishment also resembled those of the XNUMXth century.