One nation - two nationalities

The motto "one nation - one national team" made sense when the national team of Albania started inviting players who were not from Albania. This brought revolution and for the first time Albania was found in a championship. Now that Kosovo is a state, and with great effort became a member of UEFA and FIFA, the saying "one nation - two nationalities" fits better. Among Albanians wherever they live, there are so many talents that they can contribute to more national. And one should not be prejudiced or offended that those who play for one or the other national team are not patriotic enough.

The hopes of many Albanian football fans were only half realized. In next year's European Championship in Germany, we will not see Kosovo, but we will be able to see Albania. For the second time, the Albanian national team qualified for a European. Kosovo failed, despite the fact that it had a qualifying group that was not so difficult, even because there are no easy groups today, because everyone somehow knows how to play football.

We knew that the year 2024 will find Kosovars with visa liberalization. And we hoped that many of them would be able to go to Germany this year from the middle of June to July to see the national stadium of Kosovo. But fate did not like it. However, Kosovars will undoubtedly follow their national team, that of Albania. Because they also consider the national one their own. There is nothing wrong here, nor is it incomprehensible that someone has the feeling that he has two nationalities in his heart and that he considers both of them his own.