It could have been different

In the wiretapping, in addition to denying the organizational command structure, the secret service of the KLA, taking responsibility through communiques, Thaçi instructs that Demaçi be mentioned as the chief. Maybe he thought of it as a wild card. This is because it is about an important historical figure of Kosovo, but who has been dead for five and a half years. But Demachi opposed Rambouillet. If she had been the head of the KLA, then she would not have participated in the talks in the castle, much less would anyone from the KLA sign the agreement there

At the meeting of the executive, on Wednesday, a day before the 32 months of his government were completed, Kurti said: "It is dates like these that serve us as a moment of reflection on what we have achieved as a team. But they also remind us that the time to fulfill our commitments and to respect the expectations of our citizens within the first mandate is coming and going".

And it will be reduced even more considering that if the winter will be winter for ever, three months will be unusable for the performance of public works and that none of the roads started, no matter the weather, no matter how recently, will to end.