Republic Coordination Authority

As the saying goes: it's not a problem to be wrong, the problem is not to admit it. Today, the European Commission refuses to accept the mistake of establishing the Republic of Coordination and Administration. Instead of ensuring that this international Frankenstein ceases to exist, she proposes to extend his life. The creation of this Frankenstein can be forgiven, the insistence on continuing his life is not

Giorgio Rosa was an Italian engineer passionate about invention and construction. One day Giorgio realized that the Italian state lies in the sea only 10 kilometers from the coast. Therefore, legally everything from the 10th kilometer onwards is high seas where new states can theoretically be created. Thus, at the 12th kilometer from the coast of the city of Rimini, Giorgio began the construction of an island that would rise above the engineering techniques of offshore oil platforms. On May 1, 1968, Giorgio declared the island the independent Republic of the Isle of Roses, and himself president of the Republic. The island also created its own government by appointing the Minister of Finance, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs. Also, the island had its own language: Esperanto, its own currency: Mil, flag, stamp and post office.

And while for Giorgio the island was a fun project of professional creativity, for the Italian state the island was a serious security threat. The Italian state could not allow the passion of an individual to become a precedent for the creation of new states on Italy's borders. Thus, in February 1969, the military forces of Italy undermined the platform of Giorgio, sinking the Republic of the Island of Roses to the bottom of the Adriatic. It entered history as the "state" that lived for only 55 days.