First among the weak

If this trend of European reforms of these six years continues, then we will be in a strange situation where the first two countries that will be ready for EU membership will be Albania and Kosovo. Not because Albania and Kosovo are showing extraordinary momentum for reform, but because four other countries are showing extremely poor performance. In other words, currently Kosovo and Albania are the best among the weakest

Now that we've had time to read the latest EU enlargement package for the Western Balkans, it's time to highlight some of the key findings.

The first in terms of terminology. For a long time, we have been accustomed to use the expression "six countries" in the process of expansion, referring to the six countries of the Western Balkans. Historically they have been the only candidates for EU membership. Other countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Moldova, etc., have been considered as countries whose future within the EU is unclear. From this year, a new term enters the vocabulary of EU enlargement: the aspiring dozen. From today there are ten equal countries that aspire to join the EU and as such four new countries will be political competitors with six countries of our region.