The adaptation process of a prime minister

This justification is served by the rhetoric of the prime minister of Kosovo, while the adaptation in Ohrid is fatal and irreversible: there is no recognition, the status against Serbia is reopened, Serbian political-territorial autonomy begins and is gradually built, as a result of imposition, not because something is accepted in Ohrid and so on.

Understanding adaptation

Adaptation or socialization, as it is named in the literature of international relations theory, constitutes one of the key concepts through which conflict, change, competition and cooperation in international relations are described, in short - the behavior of states. The theorization of this concept begins with Kenneth Waltz and his work "Theory of International Politics" (1979). It has been and remains the theory with the greatest explanatory power in international relations, the premises of which we briefly describe below. As such, it is based, first of all, on the idea that the only subject of international relations are states, other non-state actors are peripheral. Second, international relations are inherently anarchic—there is no central government that cares about the safety and well-being of its members. Third, since there is no central government, then each international relations actor must take care of his own security and well-being. Finally, this self-care is expressed through the creation and accumulation of military force, armaments, and the creation of alliances with others, in order to address the security dilemmas that arise in the system - each state sees the armaments and alliances of the other as a security risk. its own and, as a consequence, it addresses this fear and security dilemma through arming and building additional alliances in order to face the security risk. These basic premises do not take into account ideological factors at all, namely whether a country has a communist, fascist, capitalist, liberal and so on system. What carries weight in the calculations of this theoretical approach consists in the strict exercise of the functions for the above, always with the primary goal of producing existential physical security for oneself.