On horseback to the Kremlin

Why did the former Austrian foreign minister go to Russia (along with her ponies)? Some observations on Austria's negative similarities with the Balkans - and the benefits the Balkans have had from Vienna

Years ago (even then it was almost autumn) a diplomat of a very important European state, while enjoying Peja beer in a restaurant in Pristina, started to tell about his experiences during meetings of Western ambassadors in the capital of Kosovo. According to him, it is self-evident and not at all surprising that the American ambassador (or ambassador) has the most influence in the country (for well-known historical reasons).

But, he continued, sometimes "the ambassador of Austria tries to appear in front of us and in front of the American, who in a not so diplomatic way informs us that 'we Austrians know the Balkans best'. This may be true, because Austria is very similar to the Balkans - not only for the better," the diplomat of the important European state added ironically.