Daily alarm

The narratives of a peasant family, already separated by kilometers and waiting for reunification in Germany, bring together as a common denominator a typical history of Kosovo. Of losing hope that one day it will get better. That the future of children will someday break the barriers of fighting for 50, 100 or whatever. This has become a daily occurrence that seems quite ordinary, but alarming in essence

Valoni is 42 years old. He has finished the faculty and has also done a series of trainings in the field of information technology, just to perfect himself in his field of interest. For years, he has been employed in one and another company that deals with or provides services related to information technology. Each time in those that act as part of the private sector - that fills the state coffers, takes little or nothing from it.

In this background, he has not been the beneficiary of any government economic package, nor of the most essential benefits. He is one of those 200 employees in a sector that offers an average salary of around 380 euros. Unlike the average, his salary is slightly higher. Or, indeed, he had.