Raison d'être of the "Open Balkans"

Instead of a conceptually substantive reaction, based on the ontology with a pure core, on the security and geopolitics of the "Open Balkans", in Kosovo we are continuously seeing mediocre phenomenological representations, which describe the phenomenon as it is seen, that is, who sees it " Open Balkan" as a Serbian project and refuses any participation in it. With this description, Vucic's Serbia creates another additional ground for maneuvering against Kosovo and preserves the status quo position, this bonus position and this Serbian political dividend, which the Serbian leader has so skillfully produced and is skillfully maintaining to this day. night

After the accession of Croatia to the European Union (EU), it started to be discussed about what was described as fatigue ("fatigue") of the EU with the enlargement process. It was not said openly, but it is about a momentary exhaustion, not only fatigue, of the geopolitical concept of the EU, which came as a result of the lack of a clear vision on the role and position of Europe in international relations, after the "Arab Spring ” and the events that followed.

EU Fatigue