Variants of Kosovo viruses

Kosovo is surrounded on all four sides by countless viruses that have always penetrated deep into its core. Non-biological, which come and go with appropriate treatments. But that appear in any aspect of everyday life. And that they have left him with a prolonged symptom of the loss of all meaning

Viruses always have the ability to change shape. They go from one variant to another. In that of the COVID-19 pandemic, the forms of change were embodied with the names Delta, Delta Plus and finally Omicron. Each new one combined with the previous one raised questions about the future.

Throughout the two-plus years of the pandemic, there was feverish anticipation as to what other variant would emerge and where. However, the world somehow managed to learn how to live with a virus full of surprises. Adapted to his changes. Sometimes implementing and releasing measures, sometimes forcing them to remove their masks. Sometimes closing and opening the borders.

Time for miracles, you won't mind.

Kosovo is not an exception in this regard. Like any other country, it followed the trend of tightening and loosening the measures... It implemented and removed them depending on the need. But not always health. More often business, therefore, money.

Despite this, the country that initially recorded scary pandemic numbers, recently ranked among the countries with the least number of infected and dead. All thanks to the vaccines. Although it was one of the last countries in the world to provide them, it now counts a satisfactory balance of vaccinated, even with the third dose that it recently started to administer. Thus, he somehow managed to manage the situation created by the pandemic.

But all this is only the bright side of the coin. There is always a dark side. In the case of Kosovo, entangled with the numerous viruses that have always penetrated deeply into the core. Non-biological, which come and go with appropriate treatments. But that appear in any aspect of everyday life.

* * *

The end of December found the country with a different "pandemic". Terrible virus. Which brought power cuts back to the 21st century, 20 or so years after the war. The reason was said to be the overload of the power system. In order to avoid it, the state officials came up with advice for citizens to save electricity. They should not use it for heating... It turns out that the Government's proposed "vaccines" against the rabies virus were not the right cure.

But the "genius" advice of the Government helped a little in terms of heating. Generating uproar and laughter thanks to the creativity expressed on social networks for its proposed solutions. The comments and photos of the prime minister covered with blankets in events in open spaces and in television interviews distracted people's attention from the cold in the candlelit apartments for at least a few minutes.

Unfortunately, this year the candles were not lit only within the four walls of houses for illumination. They were lit in many places in memory of many women who were killed by their loved ones.

The mid-August case of the murder of a young woman from Ferizaj had raised alarm bells about domestic violence. It had sparked protests and calls for justice. But its absence, as in countless similar cases, is killing the victims anew every day the killer goes unpunished. By spreading a variant virus that slowly erodes consciousness.

And when the conscience gets sick, so does the face. Then, the language - as the people say - from the pulp, it produces all kinds of words.

"Ma hangsh", "rrugaç"... becomes a kind of standard expression even where it shouldn't be.

In each of these cases, it was the deputies and politicians, that is, the people elected by the people for the people, who used such jargon whenever something or someone did not suit them. And when someone messes with them, they use other means. They throw shoes and throw water on the face. In the Assembly and parliamentary committees. Right in front of the voters. Those who are looking for more and more solutions for their many problems on the street.

The streets and squares of Pristina this year also became the frequent arena for the expression of grievances and demands that are falling on deaf ears. In the appearance of the new variant of the virus, which has as a symptom the loss of the sense of hearing. Even against the hum of successes that echoed from Tokyo and Los Angeles this year. The Olympic golds of "Chica ducats" and the success of the film "Wake up" that managed to enter the short list for "Oscars" were the more than necessary "vaccines" that made Kosovo's voice heard in the world. However, they did not find a cure for the continuous deafness of the country for its needs and demands.

* * *

This end of the year, most of the world's most advanced countries again adapted to coexistence with the virus. They began to return the protective measures. The Omicron variant, far more widespread than others before it, is wildly crossing borders, country after country. In Kosovo, there is no way to know for sure if, how and when it arrived. As with other variants, the answer to these questions is always sought abroad, in Germany.

The long wait for the return of results from suspect samples sent for analysis often creates a kind of false comfort. That we are sure. That Omicron has not touched us and that we can repay him with ours. With weddings, parties and who knows what else. This is where the money comes in.

But the fact that successive variants, among other things, are also seriously infecting education, seems to be of little importance. The conviction is created that the ignorance produced among the covid generations (through no fault of theirs) will someday be found a vaccine.

Once is a concept of time, which the country does not have the luxury of waiting for. Especially in virus time. Even less so when the many variants have gripped it from all four sides. To get out of their clutches, a vaccine developed specifically for Kosovo is needed. There are no heels for this either. He has the symptom of losing all sense.