FFK excludes Ulpiana and Vllaznina from the First League

Ulpiana – Vllaznia e Pozherani

Photo from the match Ulpiana - Vllaznia e Pozherani

The Football Federation of Kosovo has decided to exclude Ulpiana and Vllaznina e Pozherani from the First League, after the decision for collusion. On Friday, the Disciplinary and Ethics Commission of the Second Level of FFK has decided that Ulpiana and Vllaznia e Pozherani will continue the competitions from the Second League in the 2024/25 season.

On April 11, the FFK Competition Commission decided that the match of the 21st round between Ulpiana and Vllaznia i Pozherani was rigged. Vllaznia had won the match with the score 4:3. Such a decision is taken by the FFK bodies very, very rarely, although the number of matches suspected of being fixed is very large.

The decision of the Competition Commission was also confirmed by the Second Level of the FFK.

"The football clubs "Ulpiana" and "Vllaznia Pozheran" leave the competition of the corresponding rank of the First Football League (Group B) of the 2023/24 edition, so that they return to the lower competition rank and thus lose their status of the members of the First League for the 2023/24 edition, while the regular competitions from the following championship 2024/25 will be held in the Second Football League", says the decision of the FFK Second Level Commission.

After the Competition Commission's decision, both clubs denied involvement in collusion. 

The police have said that they have started the investigation.