The four signs that the body gives when you have heart problems

heart problems

Heart diseases are among the most common diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are the cause of many deaths in the world. They also include arrhythmia and coronary artery disease.

Heart health improves if you eat well and are physically active.

However, you should listen to your body that is able to give the warnings of a heart problem.

Tightness in the chest

Tightness in the middle of the chest is one of the main indicators of heart problems.

If you have pain, congestion or tightness not on the side of the chest but in the middle of it, then you should visit a heart doctor to understand more.


According to studies, another warning sign is shortness of breath. If the heart is not getting enough oxygen, then you will feel like you are short of air.

If you are walking or climbing stairs and feel an incomprehensible fatigue that hinders you then it could be a warning sign of heart problems.

Irregular heartbeats

Have you ever felt like your heart is going to jump out of your chest?

What about the feeling of the heart that seems to stop beating for a second?

This has to do with irregular heartbeats, a phenomenon that lasts quite a while, but can happen often, not only when you are moving, but also when you are sitting, lying down or standing still.

This irregular heartbeat is a sign of heart problems, so a visit to the doctor is recommended.

Loss of senses

There are times when a person loses consciousness or as they say, faints in an inexplicable way and for no real reason.

Unexplained loss of feeling is related to various problems, but one of the main ones is related to the heart.

If you realize that you have these symptoms, you are advised to visit a doctor immediately./AgroWeb