Four tips for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, choosing the right food, before consuming the main foods, is most important. This is because depending on the food that is consumed before the main meals, the body can control hunger and better support the weight loss process.

As the first step that should be taken in order to reduce the body weight index, it is the consumption of green tea before a meal.

Green tea contains caffeine which has an effect on digestion. In addition, this tea contains very few calories and can act as a moisturizer before meals.

As a second and important step, it is considered to be the consumption of soup before the main course of food. This is because the soup is rich in many health benefits, depending on what it is prepared with, making the body ready to accept slightly more solid foods such as the main dishes of lunch.

Foods that contain healthy fats are also considered good to eat before any of the main meals.

Avocados, seeds, nuts, olive oil, are foods that prepare the intestines for the main dishes and enable better digestion of food.

Proteins are also considered to be good. By eating fish, meat, cheeses or meats, which are served as a light appetizer, the body prepares for the main course. This is because protein takes longer to digest and will keep you full for longer. Protein helps the body build more muscle mass, which is important for metabolism.