Should you consume the water that has stood overnight?

During the night, the body dehydrates and the need for water disrupts sleep.

Some people who are aware of the body's needs always keep water by the bed.

Some carry a bottle or a full glass.

The next day, those who drink the water from the glass report that it tastes strange.

They notice a seemingly slight change in his taste.

It is true that water has no taste, but studies show that water is released after contact with carbon dioxide in the air, which changes its acidity.

What happens to water left out overnight?

Taste is one of the most complicated senses, experts say.

According to them, if a person drinks water from the glass he filled in the evening, he will remember in his consciousness its previous taste.

During the night, the water in the glass evaporates in small amounts.

Doing so will cause a concentration of the aromas of other substances in the air and in the glass.

The alien taste of water left out overnight has to do with the air, not the water, experts say.

Can water left out overnight be drunk?

Fortunately, water does not contain sugars, fats, or proteins that can break down over time.

So, the water left out overnight can be drunk without any problem, always if no fly, mosquito or strange substance has fallen into the glass.

On the other hand, the consumer has to worry about other factors as well.

Water should not sit out for days or weeks and then drink.

One should not use the same unwashed glass of water and should not share his glass with others.

In terms of safety, one should also pay attention to washing hands after going to the bathroom.

This step is important in preventing the transfer of bacteria from hands to water./agroweb