Ideal time to consume Omega 3

If food containing more fiber is consumed in the morning, then morning is the best time to take Omega 3 supplements.

This is because if Omega 3 is consumed before food, the body will not be able to absorb it well, reports Eating Well.

Although there are several factors that can affect the absorption of this supplement, the most important is that Omega 3 is consumed with food that contains more fiber.

Fibers and healthy fats help the body to better absorb Omega 3, which makes it easier to circulate through the blood vessels.

Therefore, experts advise that Omega 3 is consumed after a breakfast meal that contains healthy fats such as bread with avocado, olive oil, cheese, nuts or seeds.

Omega three is a healthy fatty acid that is obtained from sardines, salmon, cod liver or even from algae oil as well as vegetables such as soy, from flax seeds, and other sources.