How does high cholesterol affect brain aging?

It is a problem that has been increasing over the years, affecting a large number of people.

According to the World Health Organization, 50 million people suffer from diseases of the aging brain, while about 10 million new cases are expected to appear each year.

Brain diseases or brain aging begin to appear mainly after the age of 65.

However, numerous studies have shown that diseases such as Alzheimer's or Dementia can start their development even at an earlier age.

The causes are different, depending on the people affected by this disease.

Genetics or bad lifestyle and a number of other factors can play a role.

Among them, experts list the lifestyle as very important.

How does high cholesterol affect?

According to experts, the link between cholesterol and diseases that cause brain aging is already proven.

It is precisely high levels of bad cholesterol that can lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is a disease that affects certain areas of the brain responsible for memories and memory.

Turning into a problem for the daily life of the affected person himself and the people around him.

According to a study by the University of Atlanta in America, the figures regarding this fact are high.

These experts explain that among people affected by Alzheimer's disease, about 10% of them also suffer from high cholesterol.

While only 3% of Alzheimer's development depends on inherited genetic reasons.

Under this reasoning, people who have high cholesterol are more likely to be affected by diseases that affect the brain.

How to lower bad cholesterol

To take better care of the health of your body and mind, always be careful with the foods you choose to consume.

Canned foods

Consuming too much canned or fast food is one of the main enemies of your body.

These foods are rich in fats and bad cholesterol, thus becoming a source of diseases.

Fried foods

Of course, fried foods or excess oil that enters the body gives its side effects, including high cholesterol.

They are also among the main causes of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


Although eggs are very good for the body, they are rich in cholesterol and fats, especially the egg yolk.

Therefore, always be careful with the consumption of eggs.


Only 28 grams of cheese contains 27 mg of cholesterol regardless of the other values ​​it carries.

Fat sour cream

Fatty yogurt is another food that can affect the increase of bad cholesterol in the body, so be careful with its consumption.


Sweets with added sugar or sugar itself can be the cause of many diseases, starting with diabetes.

So try to avoid it as much as possible from your diet./