Six habits for better gut health

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People's daily habits sometimes cause harm to the body, but there are some habits that actually contribute to good gut health.

Eating Well has listed six habits that are good for gut health.

The first good habit is eating healthy carbohydrates.

If carbohydrates are consumed in moderate amounts, they are good for the gut because they contain fiber, which is essential when it comes to digesting food.

The second habit that is being considered good is eating the peels of fruits and vegetables.

Apples, cucumbers and carrots have healthy peels, they just need to be washed well. (fruits and vegetables before use are recommended to be washed with bicarbonate of soda or left for a few minutes in water with bicarbonate of soda and a little vinegar).
Peels of potatoes, carrots, apples, turnips, lemons are very rich in vitamins, mineral fiber and antioxidants, so it is not recommended to throw them away.

The third habit that is recommended for the good of the intestines is the consumption of coffee. Coffee contains polyphenols that help against inflammation by protecting the body from oxidative stress and enabling a better digestion of food.

The fourth habit is regular sleep, which is responsible for regulating healthy microbes in the gut.

The fifth habit is to occasionally change the way you eat. Eating different types of food contributes to strengthening the intestines.

The sixth habit you should follow is to sometimes consume food that is full of calories. If sometimes foods that are prepared at home with more fat, flour and sugar are consumed, it does not mean that this is necessarily unhealthy.

It is advisable to consume everything in moderation, so if someone consumes pastries or cakes approximately once a week, it does not mean that that person is eating unhealthy.