Foods that enrich the body with calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for the human body that contributes to the health of bones and teeth.
Times Of India has listed the top 10 foods that contain calcium and the first one is milk.

A glass of milk can provide the human body with 300 mg of calcium. It is recommended to use milk with less fat so that the body does not have problems with cholesterol.

Calcium also contains green leafy vegetables such as spinach, which provides approximately 180 mg of calcium per serving.

Broccoli also contains calcium and provides 60 mg per serving. In addition to calcium, broccoli is also rich in many vitamins and is known as one of the best anti-cancer foods.

Fish like salmon and sardines also have calcium. Along with the bones, these fish provide 180 mg of calcium per serving along with Omega 3 fatty acid.

Cheese is also a very good source of calcium, along with yogurt.

Apart from calcium, almonds also contain other nutritional values. One serving contains 76 mg of calcium.

Chia seeds contain 179 mg of calcium and in addition to being good for the digestive system, due to their calcium content they are also good for bones.

All types of beans are rich in 160 mg of calcium per serving.

Even lentils, which contain 38 mg of calcium per serving, are considered a good source of calcium.

Dried figs contain 120 mg of calcium and can be a good substitute for the sweet things one likes to eat, which contain no nutritional value.