Dermatologists tell about the mistakes that should be avoided when washing the face


Are you cleaning your face with soap, hot water or using a towel? Well, according to some dermatologists, you may be cleaning your face the wrong way.

Washing with too hot water and using too many disposable wipes are some of the mistakes people make when washing their face.
These techniques can destroy your skin's natural barrier, dry it out and clog your pores, reports the Daily Mail.

Overload with products

From various face masks to moisturizing it with Vaseline, social media is full of skin care tips.

But following these trends may not be the best way to maintain a healthy glow.

Dermatologists warn that using too many chemicals can strip the skin of its natural oils, making it sore and dry.

Just because a celebrity has recommended a product doesn't mean it's right for your skin.

Dermatologist Penelope Pratsou, from the British Skin Foundation, said: “The most common mistake people make with their skincare routines is that they tend to overcomplicate them. People love to follow the latest skin care trends as recommended on social media. This can often result in complex regimens that may not be suitable for your skin. This then leads to skin irritation."

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to skin care. Pratsou says the routine should be unique and suitable for the person's skin type.

Dr. Salome Dharamshi says that simple things are best.

"Wash your face in the morning, apply moisturizing cream. In the evening before you go to bed, wash your face twice, remove your makeup and then gently wash it again to make sure your skin is clean and then apply moisturizer,” said Dharamshi.

Experts urge people to stay away from soaps and use other mild cleansers. This is because soaps in solid form can be abrasive and dry the skin.

Stop over-cleaning

Another common mistake is over-cleansing the skin. While exfoliating will remove dead skin cells, oils and other things that help skin look flawless, it will also remove healthy skin cells, experts say.

This can lead to irritation, in the same way as following an overly complicated regimen.

"I'm not a fan of physical facial exfoliation because it can often be too harsh on the skin and cause irritation, dryness or acne," said dermatologist Pratsou.

Instead, she recommends using a chemical exfoliator, such as glycolic acid or retinol, as these work in about 10 minutes of gentle exfoliation, and provide visible results for two weeks.

Pratsou says using microfiber face cloths can be gentler on the skin.

But, dermatology Kajal Babamiri, says that you should remove the cloths for cleaning the face and simply use your hands,

"Definitely use your hands to wash your face. A cloth can be very abrasive, you are removing a lot of skin. What you want is to remove the dead skin, but don't be too aggressive to completely damage the skin", said Babamiri.

How often should you wash your face?

Washing your face twice a day is optimal, say dermatologists.

Sticking to just washing your face in the morning and evening will help remove dirt and oil.

But if you start trying to clean it more than that, then you can end up with dry, irritated and scarred skin.

Dharamshi Dermatology, explains that excessive washing not only causes dryness but also acne.

"Washing your face too much can increase sebum production, which is one of the causes of acne. It can also damage the skin barrier, causing redness and dehydration of the skin," she said.

Dematology Pratsou has also warned those who are prone to eczema. She has said that water can be an irritant that causes these eruptions.

Hot water

If you are using hot water, you may want to consider lowering the temperature.

Having water that is too hot or even too cold can dry out the skin, which in turn causes excess sebum production. As a result, you will have extremely oily and scarred skin.

Dermatologist Salome Dharamshi said: "The water should be warm, very often people use very hot or cold water. If the water is too hot, it can damage the skin, cause redness and dry skin. It also damages the skin barrier".

Lukewarm water is the right balance for washing your face, according to experts.

While some people use hot water to open pores and cold water to close pores, Dharamshi Dermatology says that doesn't work.

She says that it is technically impossible to open the pores.

Put away the napkins

Facial wipes can come in handy as you can clean your face in seconds.

But skin experts aren't fans of wipes.

Disposable face wipes may be good for removing makeup, but they are not designed for washing your face every day.

Dermatology Kajal Babamiri says: "Facial wipes are good for removing make-up, but they should not be used as a cleanser and not for washing the face."

In fact, if you don't have anything to wash your face with that day, it's better to just use plain water, dermatologists say.

Dermatologists say that wipes are not efficient at removing all the dirt and over time they clog pores, cause breakouts and irritation from the product left on the skin.