Garlic, honey and milk, cures against parasites in the body

Impurities in food products, poor personal hygiene, infections, the warm climate of recent times lead to the emergence of parasitic diseases, mainly in the intestines.

Especially in this period, the country's health centers report a multiple increase in this diagnosis.

While children remain the most affected by kindergartens and schools, adults are also affected by these problems.

Parasitic infections of this nature are not at all rare in our country. Especially autumn is one of the periods with the highest occurrence of diseases from parasites.

Children affected by parasites may have problems with growth and development. Adults affected by intestinal parasites, tapeworms or Ascaris and lambia species experience significant health problems.

Lambia is one of the main parasites that reach the human body. This parasite causes disease that mainly affects the intestines and digestive tract.

The parasite accumulates in the small intestines, bile ducts and large intestine.

The source of infection is the sick person or the carrier, while the spread takes place through various routes such as contaminated food, contaminated water or through contamination between people in the case of unwashed hands.

Lambia cysts can live in water for several weeks and are resistant to chlorine used for water disinfection.

After passing a new organism, the cysts pass the stomach, multiply and accumulate in the small intestinal system, in the bile ducts and up to the liver.

Worries caused by parasites

Digestive system problems, bloating and abdominal pain, similar to ulcer pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea several times a day, especially in the morning.

The warning sign is that this diarrhea does not improve with the usual medicines.

Parasites weaken the body by causing problems in the absorption of nutrients, especially vitamin B12.

This causes severe and general convulsions, and in many cases anemia is caused.

The parasites manage to cause an unusual temperature of 37.5 degrees C that extends over a long period of time.

Parasites cause allergic and even nervous disorders.

If you are worried by such signs, the first thing you should do is to analyze the feces and consult a doctor.

Infections can be cured through Flagyl or other medications recommended by the doctor, which are taken by all family members.

You should be very careful with towels, bed covers, sheets and clothing that those affected by parasites come into contact with.

In addition to the specific treatment, the treatment of the symptoms of the disease is also very important, such as against vomiting, abdominal pain, treatment with iron and folic acid for the correction of anemia, etc.

Natural solutions against intestinal parasites

The combination of milk with garlic is one of the strongest traditional solutions, especially when it comes to the treatment of adults.

The combination powerfully promotes healing and fights parasites, thanks to the enzymes, antioxidants, phosphorus and natural antibiotic properties of garlic. Here's what you need:

Half a liter of milk

10 cloves garlic

A pinch of black pepper


Put the milk in a pot and add a quarter liter of water. Add the crushed garlic and let it boil.

Stir the combination and let it boil until the water evaporates. Remove from heat, filter and let cool. Add honey and pepper.

Every day you should drink 250 ml of this sober combination in the morning, one hour before food. Continue the treatment for a month until you see complete improvement.

You can choose to use this solution also as a preventative by reducing the dose to 100 ml per day.

Other natural solutions

Use as much lemon, garlic, olive oil and apple cider vinegar as possible, which have very powerful properties against parasites./AgroWeb.