The little boy from Ghana breaks the record as the youngest painter in the world

Ace-Liam Ankrah

A child from Ghana, a country in Africa, has broken the record for the youngest painter in the world after exhibiting and selling his brightly colored paintings, entering the Guinness Book of World Records. Ace-Liam Ankrah, who will be 2 years old in July, made his debut with a masterpiece titled "The Crawl", according to his mother.

He is not even two years old, but he is already taking the art world by storm.

Ace-Liam Ankrah is the youngest painter in the world.

He earned the title after exhibiting and selling his brightly colored paintings, and his achievement has been confirmed by Guinness World Records.

His mother Chantelle Kukua Eghan says his first piece of art was created before he could walk and is aptly titled 'The Crawl'.

“I discovered Ace-Liam's passion for painting around the age of six months and that was when I was working on a painting commission from Miss Universe Ghana and I wanted a way to keep him busy while I was also doing my painting, so I I put a canvas on the floor and he started painting. In the process of dragging, he ended up spreading all the colors on the canvas and thus created his first masterpiece."

The little artist lives in the West African country of Ghana.

He paints at "Arts and Cocktails Studio", which was founded by his mother.

It gives him complete independence to create whatever he wants, in whatever color inspires him.

Ankrah held his first exhibition at the Accra Museum of Science and Technology, where he sold 9 of the 10 artworks listed for sale.

He sometimes paints in five minutes at a time, returning to the same canvas on weekdays, his mother says.

His mother is an artist herself and loves having her son by her side as they paint together.

But she won't stop him from pursuing another career when he's older, if that's what he wants.