Two new records on Mount Everest

Kami Rita Sherpa - the Nepalese who holds the record for climbing Mount Everest

Photo: Getty Images

Mount Everest has seen two new record climbs on Sunday, the BBC reports. 

Nepalese Sherpa Kami Rita has climbed the highest mountain in the world (8849 meters) for the 29th time, which is the person who has conquered Everest the most. British Kenton Cool has climbed for the 18th time, becoming the foreigner with the most conquests of Everest. 

54-year-old Kami Rita Sherpa previously held the record for the number of ascents on Everest. 

He has been working as a guide for more than two decades, and first climbed Everest in 1994. He has climbed at least once almost every year since then. 

The climbing season on Mount Everest has begun these days, with hundreds of climbers expected to climb in the coming weeks. 

Kami Rita went up on Sunday around 7:30 local time. Last week he wrote that he is "climbing to the top of the world" for the 29th time.