The photo taken in the prison "where the evil spirits stay" horrified the tourist in Britain

Bodmin Prison - Great Britain

A woman said that she had visited an old prison in Great Britain, and after taking some pictures, she noticed the secret in it. The Mirror wrote that woman Tania Woods visited Bodmin Prison, which was built in Cornwall in 1779, but which was once turned into a tourist area, and decided to seal the visit by taking pictures.

She claims that in one of the photographs she caught a paranormal phenomenon, of the existence of creatures that science does not officially recognize.

"I didn't realize I had photographed the ghost until I got home, I was living in Cornwall at the time," she said in a Facebook group where she posted the mysterious photo.

Woods has added that she continues to be afraid of what happened to her in the famous prison.

Bodmin Prison served from 1779 to 1927, known as the first British prison to hold prisoners in solitary confinement.

It was used to incarcerate area criminals, and during the First World War it was used as an office for the storage and archiving of British state documents. Now it remains as a ruin and a tourist spot.

The prison is notorious as many claim that it harbors ghosts and evil spirits, and those who believe this theory have often ventured inside to investigate.