"The house with a scary history" that carries secrets from the 1870s

The strange house in Scotland

A house with a different shape than the ones next to it has made a neighborhood in Scotland much visited.

The house in the old quarter is small and has a narrow door, and the surrounding area is overgrown with grass, but its story does not end there, the Mirror wrote.

The house was built in 1870 and once served as a residence for the elderly and the poor, and was once transformed into a large warehouse for old documents.

The building has the number 144 at the entrance and this has not changed since then. Many people gather there, as a historian whose house is opposite has told about the rumors that have been circulating for years. According to historian Mike Ashworth, the house was also used as an office to store birth and death records.

"In many cases you would see people outside the old lodge, confused...Often they would receive birth and death certificates that indicated the residents who had lived in the neighborhood. It was used as a space for registration of certificates. Such was her reputation", he said.

The house carries even scarier stories. Nearby, during the construction of a building, it is said that a person lost his life during the works.

It is not currently habitable.